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About Dr. Cervelli

Dr. Cervelli has a holistic, body/mind approach and works with adults who would like to be connected more deeply to their authentic Self.  Often we identify with the conditioned self, but feel a longing to know our Self more deeply. There may be a sense that the conditioned self is not the full story and we long for the depth and knowledge that realigns us to the authentic Self.  Depth psychology and mindfulness-based counseling can help to reveal more of the authentic Self and break the patterns and barriers of our conditioning.  This process can lead us to live a more enriching life with deeper interpersonal connections.

Dr. Cervelli is a Jungian oriented psychotherapist trained in mindfulness-based counseling.   She uses both verbal and non-verbal practices that support an individual's change process through a combination of the therapies described below.

EMDR Therapy:  Empirically based method which works with both single incident trauma as well as developmental traumas.

Jungian-oriented Therapy including Sandplay and Mandala Artwork (for all ages):  brings in the healing power of symbol through dream analysis as well as art and sandplay therapy

Mindfulness-based Therapy:  provides a range of relaxation methods that can be used in day to day living which help to decrease stress and increase focus

Psychodynamic psychotherapy:  enables clients to become aware of how past conditioning may be thwarting their current life situation and ways of being in the worldarts of the self

Psychosynthesis:  presents an avenue for the integration of split-off parts of the self

Cognitive-behavior therapy:  challenges ideas and actions

Meditation, relaxation techniques, visualization, and somatic awareness practices:  Increase awareness, somatic changes, and stress reduction

Self-inquiry-oriented teaching method:  supports curiosity, an exploration into the self, and releasing a person’s potential, allowing for a life more fully lived


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology,
    Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

  • Masters of Art in Clinical Psychology,
    Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

  • Masters in Business Administration,
    University of Phoenix


Extensive psychotherapy experience working with clients of all ages and a wide variety of issues

Three decades of corporate experience working both internationally and domestically with all levels of management that lends itself to concretely understanding the pressures of working in a corporate environment

Three decades of training and experience in a variety of relaxation, visualization, meditation, and somatic awareness techniques.